What is SMS?

SMS service. SMS stands for Short Message Service. It's basically a pager function in your mobile phone. All modern phones support SMS. It allows a person or an automated system to send a text message that can be read and stored on a mobile phone. You can even reply to the message and it will go back to the sender. You never have to type on those tiny keyboards again!

Why use SMS?

SMS is everywhere, on every phone. It is a very reliable and extremely cost effective. Many organizations are still making outcalls to their staffs/customers mobiles. This is costing the organization an average of $1.50 per call, more if it goes to voicemail. Most of these phone calls can be handled by a simple SMS which cost about as much as the flag fall on a mobile phone call! We have seen cases where a 3 day job of ringing staff has been reduced to 30 minutes!

What about Security?

The MessageNet web portal empowers administrator users with complete control over access permissions on all entry points of the MessageNet system. You can control and manage access to web logins, email addresses and contact databases. A MessageNet user has visibility of their sent messages only. The administrator user has visibility of messages for all users.

What about Reliability?

MessageNet was initially designed back in 1995 for mission critical alerts to IT support staff, hence it has been built with redundancy and robustness from the ground up. Since that time MessageNet has proven itself to be an extremely reliable and robust SMS service provider with over 12 years of continued service to business and corporate Australia. We have redundant infrastructure that include dual web servers, triple redundant email servers, redundant ISP links and the system is monitored 24x7 so that you can rest assured that we are providing you with the best business SMS service in the country. Other providers may offer hard to believe service guarantees, but dig deeper and you will find that you have to pay upfront and ongoing monthly fees. MessageNet is so confident in its service offering that we offer 24x7 support on all account types, no matter how small, with no fees what so ever.

What Auditing and Reporting is available?

MessageNet?s online reporting provides a comprehensive message audit for future tracking and usage reports providing administrators with a detailed record of who sent what, to whom, and when.

Our online reporting tools provide a snapshot of usage by sender, cost centre, recipient etc Access to SMS message data is controlled completely by the administrator, whilst general users can have the option to view messages that they have sent.

How can I control Accessibility & anti-abuse?

Combat concern within your business over misuse of communications by controlling accessibility to and frequency of messages sent and received. Usage limits can be set on a per user basis by your MessageNet administrator. This effectively disables the ability to use MessageNet if more than a pre set number of SMS messages have been sent by a user per day.

Why use MessageNet?

When you start using SMS for business, you need the best system available backed up by the best support. You wouldn't use a cheap VOIP telephone supplier for your business, you would use a name you can trust, your business depends on it! The same can be said for SMS. There are many sub standard suppliers out there trying to make a quick dollar. MessageNet is proud to be the Global Business SMS founder. Established in 1992 for business messaging, MessageNet has grown from strength to strength and now supports approximately 50% of the BRW top 100 companies, along with many thousands more! Many companies are seeing the financial and efficiency gains of using SMS, why not talk to us and find out how easy it is.

Do you do Email to SMS?

MessageNet has many methods of sending and receiving SMS messages. We support e-mail, Web, XML, 2 Way SMS and many, many more.

Do you do bulk SMS?


How do I restrict users?

With MessageNet, all users can have daily SMS send limits so you can be in full control of who uses the system and how often. Our online reporting tools enable you to track usage per user and/or cost centre.

Do I have to register all the phones I want to send to?

No, just the sending address. You can send to any mobile from a valid sending address.

How do I know if I am on the right plan?

Our online 'check plan' page enables you to check your usage against your current plan, thus ensuring you can always be on the most cost effective plan.

How do I get started

You can register for a free trial of MessageNet's service here or contact us on 1300 55 1515


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